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Want to find your most profitable prospects? Ask your best customers.

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Want to find your most profitable prospects? Just ask your best customers some simple questions. Start with these four:

One-Minute Marketing Plan

1. How likely are you to recommend (my product or service) to a colleague or business associate, on a scale of 0 (least likely) to 10 (most likely). (Note: your best customers will give you a 9 or a 10)

2. When it comes to decisions to purchase products/services/solutions such as ours, who is involved in the decision process?

3. What keeps you up at night?

4. What is the best thing we do to help you address one of more of the things that keep you up at night?

Start with just those four questions and you’ll focus your targeting and quickly improve the success of your prospecting efforts because you’ll be pursuing your ideal prospects — the ones who will generate the most profits for your business. (You can add more questions to your repertoire later. We’ll show you how to formalize this process in subsequent posts).

The answers to these simple questions will help you focus and sharpen your targeting strategy and your value proposition — perhaps for the very first time. The result should be more leads to more profitable prospects whose buying process is similar to that of your best customers. And isn’t that what you want out of your marketing efforts?

(Oh, and by the way, if you don’t know who your best customers are, go to Chapter 5 of Feed the Startup Beast for help finding them.)

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