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Businesses are beasts. When the beast is happy, there’s lots of back-slapping and everyone gets to go on cruises. But when the beast gets hungry, things change. Suddenly heads start disappearing and bodies start flying. …

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Who’s in your tent? You’d better find out.

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The Customer Loyalty Effect can be brilliant – or devastating.
So you’ve got all these customers milling around in your tent. Do you really know who they are? Here’s a tip. They’re either Fans, Fence-sitters or Critics:
1. …

Clever (and free) ways to find new leads

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Find New Leads

Most startups struggle with ways (especially free ways) to find new leads. Here’s one approach that’s worked for guest-blogger Josh Ellis.
The company I work for, FluentStream, is a bootstrapped company. As a result, we’ve always …

How to Write a Blog (a.k.a. The Fear of Blogging)

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How To Write a Blog

How to Write a Blog
Do you freeze up when you need to actually write something that the entire world (potentially) could read?  Does the word ‘content’ make you feel queasy? Does a little voice in …

Social Media ROI Primer

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The Secret to Attracting Prospects

The 80/20 On Social Media Tools
When someone asks me about social media tool trends and the effect on social media ROI, I sometimes get a little nervous wondering if I was looking the other way …

Peak Content?

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Peak Content

When does content marketing hit its breaking point?
So here’s a story…
My wife runs a design company. She has a fax. Years ago, she would walk into the office every morning and there would be a …

Break Email Best Practices. Add 200%.

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Why turning email best practices on their head may be a good idea
The idea of “best practices” has become something of a crutch in business. Email best practices, for instance, suggests that someone else has …

The Day Marketing Automation Stopped Working

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Marketing Sherpa Marketing Effectiveness

How the Laws of Engagement Can Save the Day
There’s a problem brewing in B2B marketing land. The stuff that used to work doesn’t seem to be working as well anymore. Below is a chart from Marketing Sherpa’s …

Intrigue Marketing. Huh?

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Intrigue Marketing

If your marketing campaign doesn’t break through, you got nothin’.
The two most successful ways to achieve marketing breakthrough are: spend a gazillion dollars, and/or be really clever. The nice thing about clever is that it …

Marketing’s Secret Sauce

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marketing strategy

The simple truth is, if you know what works, you can do more of it. How do you find out? It’s all in the data.
“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”
You may have heard that …