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Peak Content?

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When does content marketing hit its breaking point?


Peak ContentSo here’s a story…

My wife runs a design company. She has a fax. Years ago, she would walk into the office every morning and there would be a pile of junk faxes waiting for her. One morning she grabbed the pile of faxes off the machine and started running around the office, screaming about the morons who have nothing better to do than to send all this useless material to people like her who don’t want it.

Then she stopped dead in her tracks.

The top fax in her hands was a service offering training in QuickBooks. “Oh,” she said, “we really need this.” She actually engaged the company behind the “junk ” fax.

It’s all junk unless it addresses a burning pain that we have — then it’s not.

The same is true of the huge volume of digital content that we are being buried under today. Have we reached the point where there’s too much content, so all content becomes bad content? Again, I’d say, it’s all junk until it’s not.

As long as prospects have burning needs that they want solved, they will welcome content that helps to ease the decision process they’re going through.

The trick to avoid becoming a purveyor of junk is to:

create original, added-value material that very specifically addresses a pain which your prospects experience, and which matches the decision cycle stage they’re in;
develop a following of prospects and influencers who trust you and who appreciate your content — then enlist their help to endorse and share it, and;
continually think about ways to break through the clutter — using intrigue, mystery, and/or humor as a means of standing out.

Relevant, high-quality content will always find an audience.


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