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Businesses are beasts. When the beast is happy, there’s lots of back-slapping and everyone gets to go on cruises. But when the beast gets hungry, things change. Suddenly heads start disappearing and bodies start flying. …

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Where Are All the Women Entrepreneurs?

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Women in Startup Eco-System

Building a business is never easy, but do women entrepreneurs have an extra hurdle to overcome?
By now, nearly everyone with a pulse knows the names Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin …

Startup Marketing: You need a marketing system

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Marketing Dude

Fewer than 5% of startups achieve their dream growth
Hiring your first marketing person is scary. What do you know about startup marketing? What do they know about startup marketing? All you know is that you …

The Secret to Finding Prospects

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The One-Minute Marketing Plan – Part 2 of 3
I lied. The One-Minute Marketing Plan will be spread out over three blog posts. Okay. Maybe it’s really a Three-Minute Marketing Plan.
Last week we did the prep …

The One-Minute Marketing Plan (that you can use)

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The only way to hit your goal is to have a plan
Is there any reason for you not to have a plan behind your marketing execution? Plans take too long to do? Marketing plans expire …