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Growth is Good. Feed Your Beast.

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Growth is Good

Businesses are beasts. When the beast is happy, there’s lots of back-slapping and everyone gets to go on cruises. But when the beast gets hungry, things change. Suddenly heads start disappearing and bodies start flying. It’s not a pretty thing.

Keeping your beast happy is hard. It’s so hard, that most business builders and entrepreneurs fail at it. And yet the ingredients for growth are well known: Patience, Persistence, and a Plan. The first two P’s are up to you. This blog is intended to give you ideas for your third P – your Plan. You’ll find that the sum of the ideas in this blog will provide a marketing strategy roadmap you can use to build a plan that drives uncommon sales growth for you.

Interestingly, when it comes to driving sales growth, we’ve found that it’s not about the 80. It’s about the 20. It is our intention to focus on the 20 percent of marketing effort that will have the biggest effect on your sales outcome. For the marketing entrepreneur, that means being able to apply your tight resources more effectively. It is possible to substitute finesse (the right tactics) for brute force (big budgets). We’ll show you how.

Finally, this blog is intended for marketing entrepreneurs. To us, a marketing entrepreneur is a person who is responsible for generating new business growth under conditions of extreme uncertainty. The marketing entrepreneur, whether running a small start-up or working for a large company, is passionate about finding and developing customers so they can realize the full potential of the business they are building, have built, or are helping to build. A marketing entrepreneur is a business-builder.

We welcome your ideas and feedback, and invite you to share anything you find here, so that Feed the Beast becomes a timely and meaningful resource for marketing entrepreneurs everywhere.


Drew Williams & Jonathan Verney

(who are we?)

p.s. If you’d like to dig deeper into growing your beast, we invite you to have a look at our new book Feed The Startup Beast: 7 Steps to Big, Hairy, Outrageous Sales Growth.

From an reviewer:

“The authors really nail what you need to do in marketing and sales to ‘feed the beast’ in today’s climate. The target is SMEs but anyone in a large enterprise could get a ton of value out of this book….”

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