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Bill Gross: On Denting the Universe

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Bill Gross is an entrepreneur. Not just any entrepreneur. He has been responsible for the startup of hundreds of companies… from Lotus, to “Knowledge Adventure“, to the Idealab incubator which spawned Google Picassa, PetSmart, amongst many, many others. Bill presented at TEDXYouth@CalTech in February 2013. His message was about denting the universe — Steve Jobs’ famous promise/challenge.

Bill suggests that there’s never been a better time to Dent the Universe. Now is the perfect storm of entrepreneurship. Bill’s biggest learnings:

1. Test Test Test. (Fail early and often… the Lean Startup principles.)

2. Listen Listen Listen. (Out-listen your competition. Easy to do and you can bet most your competitors aren’t doing it. See here for more thoughts.)

If you are an entrepreneur or you think that you’d like to be an entrepreneur, have a look at Bill’s 8-minute talk. It’s a good one.

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