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Seth Godin: Remarkable Ideas Travel

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Seth Godin is worth listening to. He’s a marketing guy with outstanding ideas that thousands follow every day through his blog ( I came across this TED presentation he gave back in 2007, and thought that it is possibly more relevant now, than ever.

Seth talks about the need for remarkable ideas, and how remarkable ideas will travel. Today, content marketing is all the rage, and new tools are giving marketers the means to work the corners on the content they’re producing like never before. And yet, many marketers are disappointed with the results they are producing (see my post on The Day Marketing Automation Stopped Working).

I would argue that too many marketers produce content so they can check-off a box. “White paper. Got it.” They aren’t dedicating themselves to creating truly remarkable content – that is, remarkable in the eyes of their best prospects. Here’s a point of view that is truly timely…

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