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Rule #2: Believe in yourself

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The Startup Rule Book


So you decided to start a business. Why? Probably because you had a good idea and you believed that you could get others to feel the same way. Next stop: unbridled entrepreneurial success.

The Startup Rule BookWhat? Oh. It didn’t quite happen that way. Don’t worry, it almost never does. But in your darkest entrepreneurial moments (we all have them), remember one thing: you started this thing because you believed you could be successful. There was something about you that gave you the confidence to do what so many others fear to do… to try and create something from nothing.

When you’re doubting yourself, think about what it was that made you believe in yourself when you stepped out into this entrepreneurial adventure. Maybe put together a “Did Do” list… all the things you’ve accomplished in your life that you’re proud of… that support that spark inside of you that believes.

And every time the going gets rough, pull out your “Did Do” list and read it over. Then say to yourself: “I believe in myself”, and keep plugging away.


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