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Rule #1: Never stop trying

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The Startup Rule Book


They say that true entrepreneurs aren’t motivated by money. Here’s why that’s not true, and then it is.

The #2 reason entrepreneurs get into business is the hope of achieving some degree of wealth (the #1 reason is the desire for autonomy). So, at least to start, treps are motivated by money.

The Startup Rule Book

But then reality hits. Most businesses struggle to grow, and the pretenders are the first ones to head for the exits, most often never to return to the green(ish) fields of entrepreneurship. True treps persist past the point where it’s apparent that the big payday may be postponed a day or two. At this point, the desire for money alone won’t cut it. The true trep keeps going because they still believe, Kraft Dinner be damned.

And if the business fails, the true trep picks themself up and tries again, a little wiser about the prospects of a quick buck, but still believing.

What are they believing? They’re believing that they can bend the universe to their will. And that by bending the universe, they will eventually succeed and will eventually reap the rewards of their efforts.

So true entrepreneurs are motivated by money, then they’re not, but they really are. That said, it’s their belief in themselves that keeps them going. They never stop trying. And that’s how they succeed.


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