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Net Promoter Score, Meet Beast Potential Score

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Net Promoter Score, meet Beast Potential Score

If you know anything about the Net Promoter Score, you know that tens of thousands of companies use it to gauge customer satisfaction and to track their company’s growth potential based on that satisfaction.

For our book Feed The Startup Beast: A 7-Step Guide to Big, Hairy, Outrageous Sales Growth, we used the Net Promoter Score methodology as the basis for our Beast Potential Score. The Beast Potential Score is a more marketing-focused adaptation of the Net Promoter Score, intended to help you better understand the customer mix within your “Beast Cave” – that is, how many “Fans” you have (good) versus “Fence-sitters” or “Critics” (bad). You would then use those findings to do two things:

  1. Determine whether you should invest in marketing your business at this time, and;
  2. Identify and profile your Fans so you’re in a position to find more customers like your best customers – a very valuable marketing shortcut. To make your life easier, we provide interview templates on our Beast Tools site to help you better profile your best customers.

Because the Beast Potential Score (whose calculation I haven’t gone into here) is such an uncanny predictor of your future growth potential (like the Net Promoter Score), it’s valuable to compare your score to the scores of other companies in your industry. And there lies the problem. There is very little public data on industry benchmarks for the Net Promoter Score. As a result, we’ve assembled the diagram above from data that is publicly available, with the addition of our own experience with the Beast Potential Score over the years.

This chart should be used for directional purposes only. Ultimately, the best Beast Potential Score to use as a benchmark is your own score, which you should track over time to gauge the health and ongoing growth potential of your business.

For a more in depth discussion of how the Beast Potential Score is calculated and used, please refer to our book.


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